Carla Pelkey ~ MandaLeaf Design

Carla Pelkey ~ MandaLeaf Design

Carla Pelkey ~ MandaLeaf DesignCarla Pelkey ~ MandaLeaf Design

Carla Pelkey is an artist and graphic designer in Calgary, Alberta, Canada whose love of nature led to the creation of a novel art form. Having worked with the transformational mandala using traditional art materials, Carla was inspired to use autumn leaves she had collected instead. This led to other designs and images of figures, animals and scenes. Along with her digital experience and entrepreneurial spirit, her line of artwork values ingenuity, nature and it’s cycles, yet began from virtually nothing. Carla is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art with a major in Visual Communications.

Commissioned Designs

Love nature and want unique artistic expressions to call your own or to give as a gift to a special someone? Have ideas or subject matter that you’d love to have created with leaves? Artist fees are based on size, detail, special requests, a budgeted amount, etc.

Pet Portraits

Have your beloved pet captured in a most unusual way - as a leaf portrait! Photo reference of your pet is required.